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The Watercolourist

by Beatrice Masini and translated by Oonagh Stransky and Clarissa Ghelli
# UP6182 Paperback, 319 pages; 2017
Currently Unavailable
In nineteenth-century Italy, Bianca, a young and talented watercolorist, is commissioned to catalogue and illustrate the plants on the sprawling estate of Brusuglio. When she arrives, she is instantly intrigued by the house and its inhabitants—particularly the often absent Don Titta, renowned poet and master of the house. As she settles into her new home, she begins to realize there are many secrets hiding behind the walls of the grand residence: a servant girl with questionable parentage, whispers of revolution, and tales of bones beneath the garden and mysterious ghosts haunting the grounds. Bianca becomes determined to find answers—but she may discover it's better for some secrets to remain buried. This literary historical fiction will immerse you in the wild Italian countryside and the dirty streets of nineteenth-century Milan—and leave you breathless for more. (SM)
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