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The Last Laugh

Lynn Freed
# UP5692 Hardcover, 188 pages; 2017
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It seemed like a good idea at the time: Longtime friends Ruth, Bess, and Dania pool their resources and rent a house on an idyllic Greek island. Women of a certain age, they're hungry for a year devoted completely to self-indulgence, sunning themselves on the shores of the Aegean far away from the demands of real life. But they don't count on their tiresome children and grandchildren demanding to visit, their ex-husbands and ex-lovers arriving unannounced, Bess's codependent housekeeper moving in, Dania's unhinged psychotherapy patient calling at all hours, or Ruth's magazine editor complaining that her weekly column chronicling their adventures—"Granny à Go Go"—is too long on sex and drama and too short on recipes and, well, grandmothering. Not to mention the personality clashes that inevitably occur when three grown women decide to become roommates! By turns humorous, introspective, and acerbic, this entertaining novel paints an insightful portrait of the delights, dramas, and disappointments of friendship and aging. (KG)
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