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A Cat-Lover's Miscellany

Mike Darton
# UP5132 Hardcover, 96 pages; 2014 (2009)
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Humans who cherish their four-legged friends as irreplaceable members of the family will revel in these charming little anthologies of feline- and canine-related trivia, anecdotes, and history. Did you know that domestic cats are capable of purring nonstop? How many of the sixty-one crossbreeds of dogs that include poodle can you name? Did you know that the Savoy Grill in London forbids dinner parties of thirteen people, and uses a cat sculpture named Kaspar to "sit in" at seat 14 when necessary? How does your dog seem to know exactly when to expect you home from work? Whether you begin at the beginning or dip in and out at random pages, A Cat-Lover's Miscellany and A Dog-Lover's Miscellany are bound to give you an even greater appreciation for your furry friends!
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