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Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me

by Cynthia L. Copeland
# UP4352 Paperback, 176 pages; 2017
Currently Unavailable

Stay a little wild … don't feel obligated to explain yourself … draw strength from solitude … talk less, listen more … be curious … perfect a look of amused indifference … be a peaceful presence … don't let anybody close the door on you …

This heartwarming little book pairs “aww”-inducing photographs of cats doing their cat thing—prowling through the grass, curling up in cardboard boxes, deigning to allow humans to pet them—with uplifting quotes and simple tips for living life with feline grace and whimsy. It's downright adorable, even before you read the brief anecdotes about remarkable real-life kitties like Rosinka, who adopted a newborn monkey abandoned by his mother, and Félicette, an “astrocat” who traveled into space in a French rocket. (KG)
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