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The Lion in the Living Room

by Abigail Tucker
# UP3972 Paperback, 241 pages; 2017 (2016)
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Humanity adores cats—but why? Dogs, at least, do their share of labor, whether sniffing out narcotics, working as service animals, or even just barking to oh-so-helpfully alert you whenever someone is passing on the street. The domestic house cat, however, is an entirely different creature—one that's captivated and confounded scientists for decades. In The Lion in the Living Room, follow the modern house cat through the ages, from its ancestors roaming the wilderness, to its first foray into a human settlement, all the way to the cozy couches of today. Laced with history and science—yet told in an easy-to-read manner through the eyes of an obvious cat lover—The Lion in the Living Room will help you see just what makes felines so unique. (SM)
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