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Leopard at the Door

by Jennifer McVeigh
# UP3952 Paperback, 392 pages; 2017
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The African-born daughter of British ranchers in Kenya, Rachel Fullsmith was just twelve years old when her idyllic childhood abruptly ended: Her beloved mother died on the same day Rachel secretly witnessed a brutal murder. Six years later, after a lonely exile in England, Rachel finally returns to Africa, eager to reconnect with her father and recapture the wild freedom of her youth. But Kenya in 1952 is a nation in upheaval, rocked by violent uprisings protesting British colonial rule. Her childhood home, deep in the African bush, has a new mistress, whose disdain for the country and its native people is matched only by her hostility toward Rachel. And the man whose terrible crime Rachel witnessed so long ago has grown more powerful…and is only too happy to use that power against her. I raced through this page-turning novel, its spellbinding prose and evocative setting the perfect pairing for a stirring, tension-filled tale of family, power, passion, and grief that builds beautifully to its inevitable conclusion. (KG)
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