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A Dog Like Sam

by Edward van de Vendel, translated by David Colmer, and illustrated by Philip Hopman
# UP3622 Hardcover, 111 pages; 2016
Currently Unavailable
In A Dog Like Sam, when a big white dog turns up at their farm, nine-year-old Kix and his little sister, Emilia, name him Sam and decide to keep him—even though Sam is reluctant to stick around. Skittish and wary of people, it takes Sam many visits to Kix and Emilia before he lets them close enough to pet him. When he begins sleeping on the old couch in their barn, Kix knows that means Sam has chosen them—until he finds out that Sam's real owners are mean old Mr. and Mrs. Jones across the street, and deciding where Sam belongs becomes far more complicated than he thought. In Sam in Winter, Kix notices Sam is acting strange—sometimes staring off in the distance or looking at Kix like he doesn't recognize him, sometimes acting like a puppy even though he's getting old. When Kix wakes up one morning and Sam is gone, Kix is determined to find and help his best friend, no matter what. These two heartwarming tales are great for children 9 to 12 years old, but are also wonderful for anyone who needs a good story of love, friendship, and compassion. (SM)
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