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Before the Fall

by Noah Hawley
# UP3422 Paperback, 390 pages; 2017 (2016)
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When a private plane departing from Martha's Vineyard crashes at sea, the only survivors are Scott, a struggling painter (who'd hitched a ride with the wealthy passengers), and JJ, the four-year-old son of a powerful media magnate, now the sole remaining member of his family. Persisting against the odds and the elements, the brave duo makes it back to shore, and they soon find themselves at the center of a media circus. Though his career and social standing get a big boost, Scott quickly sees public opinion turn on him as questions about the fateful flight begin to arise. Throughout the post-crash turmoil, Scott finds refuge in his fragile relationship with the boy whose life he saved. An intriguing and suspenseful thriller that's simultaneously a heartening story of love, loss, and survival, Before the Fall is a smart and riveting read! (AG)
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