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Beat the Clock

# UP3392
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Forget handheld tablets and video games; Beat the Clock is all you need to keep your favorite kids entertained in waiting rooms, at the airport, at a restaurant, in the car…pretty much anywhere little ones get antsy! Just choose a challenge from the thirty-six choices in the challenge book, grab the included blue stopwatch, and GO! How long does it take them to write their names ten times? To run around the block? To make their little brother smile? To write the alphabet with their non-dominant hand? To keep a balloon in the air without it touching the ground? (We particularly love the home challenges, which turn chores like setting the table and unloading the dishwasher into timed games.) Before you know it, kiddos will be begging, “Time me! Time me!” for everything! The stopwatch and challenge book tuck neatly away in the storage box, which also includes two balloons and a pencil for keeping score. For ages 5 and up.
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