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I Am Martin Luther King, Jr.

Brad Meltzer and illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos
# UP2492 Hardcover, 40 pages; 2016
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In these turbulent political times, I've thought a lot about how to address issues of social justice and inequality with my young children. While I still struggle to find the right words, this kid-friendly biography of Martin Luther King, Jr., has been a wonderful introduction to civil rights history—and has spurred some important and meaningful conversations at our house. Relayed in the first person through engaging narration and comic-style art, King's story begins in his childhood, from his first experiences with prejudice on the playground to his early days of reflection and activism to his famous protests and speeches. It doesn't shy away from the difficult truths of our nation's history, but it also manages to be uplifting and inspirational…and it's one of my five-year-old's favorite reads! (AG)
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