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One Shadow on the Wall

Leah Henderson
# UP1712 Hardcover, 438 pages; 2017
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In Senegal, Africa, a boy named Mor lives with his two sisters; their parents and grandparents have died. Their aunt is their only family but she lives in the city far away from their small village. She tries to take them to the city but they don't want to leave the home they always lived in. So their aunt lets them stay and they have to survive on their own with the help of neighbors. A gang called the Danka Boys steals their money and food and hurts Mor and his friends. But Mor becomes a fisherman with a man named Demba, who creates a plan to scare the Danka Boys away. And Mor finds enough money for one of his sisters to go to school. I liked how I could feel the emotions of the characters. I also liked the language—it was very pretty.

(EMH, age 11)

This title is part of our 2018 Young Readers Book a Month Package.

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