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Mozart's Starling

Lyanda Lynn Haupt
# UP1522 Hardcover, 288 pages; 2017
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Naturalist Lyanda Lynn Haupt acknowledges that in North America, starlings are an aggressive, invasive, and much reviled species. “But this bird on my shoulder?” she says about her rescued pet starling Carmen…“Mischievous, clever, disorderly, pestering, sparkling, sleepy? Yes, I confess, I couldn't be more fond of her.” This completely enchanting book blends memoir (the unexpected and remarkable role Carmen plays as part of Haupt's family), biography (a thoughtful exploration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and times, including his relationship with his own pet starling), and a charming mélange of music theory, language acquisition, and natural history. Mozart's Starling is a unique, intelligent, and joyful read. (CH)
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