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A Moonless, Starless Sky: Ordinary Women and Men Fighting Extremism in Africa

by Alexis Okeowo
# UP1512 Hardcover, 240 pages; 2017
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Extremism in our world today is one of the most terrifying things imaginable. Just reading the headlines—about Boko Haram, present-day slavery, and other horrific human rights abuses—can be harrowing, not to mention delving into the details. So taking a very intimate look at such traumatic struggles might seem a daunting endeavor, but I hope you'll be brave! The startlingly vivid and deeply empathetic perspective presented in A Moonless, Starless Sky offers an extraordinary appreciation for the courage of the “ordinary” people facing the atrocities of extremism in Africa. Four personal narratives follow inspiring individuals in Uganda, Mauritania, Nigeria, and Somalia—each finding hope in their hearts and fighting in their own ways for freedom from tyranny. (CH)
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