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The Man in Lower Ten

Mary Roberts Rinehart
# UP1452 Paperback, 165 pages; 2017 (1909)
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Though she's often referred to as the "American Agatha Christie," Mary Roberts Rinehart actually published The Man in the Lower Ten, her first mystery, some fourteen years before Christie's debut. In this classic—the first detective novel to hit national bestseller lists—D.C. attorney Lawrence Blakely boards a Pullman car to deliver some important documents to a client. On his return trip, a savage murder takes place in the train berth opposite his…the one Lawrence himself had originally booked. What's more, the murder weapon turns up underneath Lawrence's pillow, making him the top suspect for the brutal crime. Lawrence must clear his name, solve the crime, and get the girl (oh yeah, there's romance, too!), all while staying one step ahead of the police!


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