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Be More Cat

Alison Davies
# UP0472 Hardcover, 142 pages; 2017
Currently Unavailable
Even if you don't spend your days chasing mice, climbing into shopping bags, or sleeping in a pool of sunshine, you probably should endeavor to “be more cat”…and this insightful little book is the purrfect how-to guide! A compact collection of “life lessons from our feline friends,” Be More Cat focuses on the traits and mind-sets you can adopt to “live a happier, healthier and all-around 'feline fabulous' existence.” Those mercurial creatures have so much to teach us about living in the moment (they stare into space for hours on end), being flexible (they adapt to challenging spaces rather than admit defeat), confidently making their own way (“approval doesn't exist in Cat World”), and more! Complete with mindfulness exercises and tips designed to help you tap into your inner “catitude,” Be More Cat is a fun and quirky guide to life. (KG)
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