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Mystery in White: A Christmas-Crime Story

J. Jefferson Farjeon
# UM7672 Paperback, 237 pages; 2016 (1937)
No Longer Available
A crippling blizzard stalls a Christmas Eve train in the English countryside. A few intrepid passengers—among them a platinum-blond chorus girl, a socially inept clerk, a pompous businessman, a member of the Royal Psychical Society, and a plucky brother and sister—decide to risk the elements on foot. But they soon find themselves in peril, forced to seek shelter at a nearby country house. Fortuitously, the residence is unlocked, with a fire crackling and the table laid for tea. But the house is mysteriously empty of people…unless you count the body buried in the snow outside. A deliciously atmospheric whodunit from the 1930s, Mystery in White is full of exciting twists and unexpected developments, with plenty of humor and a dusting of romance to boot. Add a warm fire and a glass of eggnog and snuggle in for a deliciously lethal holiday treat! (AG)
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