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Call of the Cats: What I Learned About Life and Love from a Feral Colony

Andrew Bloomfield
# UM7122 Paperback, 236 pages; 2016
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Andrew Bloomfield never considered himself a cat person. But after a youth spent soul-searching in Nepal and working various odd jobs (bookseller, astrologer, screenwriter), he eventually found himself broke and sleeping on a friend's couch, within yowling distance of a colony of feral cats. A passing curiosity with the wild creatures became an all-consuming obsession when he rescued a kitten from the brink of death—and became the colony's unwitting caretaker in the process. From scaring off ravenous coyotes and grieving whenever a raccoon decimated a litter of kittens to buying cat food in bulk and being told time and again that feral cats were "asocial and simply not adoptable," Bloomfield devoted himself to the fierce felines…and found his true life's calling. A heartfelt, contemplative memoir, Call of the Cats will warm the heart of every cat-lover you know! (KG)
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