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Queen Victoria Enamel Pins

# UM6422
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Historians are undecided as to whether or not Queen Victoria actually uttered the words "We are not amused" when a risqué story was told in her presence. But there's no denying the indomitable monarch could deliver a devastating "cut direct" when the mood struck her. Now you can add a regal (and cheeky!) touch to your ensemble with our 1"x1½" Queen Victoria Enamel Pins. One is an eye-catching reproduction of the infamous quotation, the other a crowned (and rather stern!) bust of the long-reigning queen. Pin them to your jacket lapel, your sweater, your tote bag, your winter hat, your collar… However you wear them—even if it's just as a hint to others that you want to be left alone—these diminutive accessories will make a royally stylish impact!
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