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Dazzleship Battleships Game

# UM6212
Currently Unavailable
A classic family game gets a "dazzling" makeover! This cool version of Battleship features dazzle camouflage, which was used on ships during the First World War, when most targeting was done visually. The contrasting colors and confusing patterns distorted perspective, creating optical illusions that "dazzled" and confused the enemy. In our Dazzleship Battleships Game, each player claims a booklet, fills out the upper chart with their own ships' placement, and then tries to "sink" their opponent's ships by guessing a coordinate and marking a hit or miss on the lower chart. The game also includes a booklet about dazzle camouflage, with vintage images, charts, and common dazzle patterns and explanations. For two players, age 6 and up.
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