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How Rude! In a Jar

# UM6012
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How Rude! In a Jar offers a fun solution to youngsters with less-than-perfect manners! With 101 cards of "prompts, tips, skits, and quips about social skills, good manners, and etiquette," kids can gather in pairs, groups, or even work alone to put their empathy and decorum to the test! Includes four categories of cards ("Manners Challenge," "Tips and Quips," "Act It Out," and "Reflection") with questions like "Think of a SECRET act of kindness you would commit. What would it be? How do you think the person would react?" and "Jane Austen, when not noodling over pride and prejudice, described a character who 'had the comfort of appearing very polite, while feeling very cross.' Why would that ability be a comfort?" These cards teach tweens and teens about respect, kindness, and courtesy, all while learning more about each other—and having fun! Ages 12 and up.
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