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101 Ways to a Stress-Free Life

Susie Foster
# UM5632 Hardcover, 96 pages; 2017
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Stress comes at us from all directions these days: in the office, at home, on the daily news. While you may not be able to avoid it totally, you can make life a little easier on yourself by following the tips collected in this restorative little book. From cutting down on clutter (“being messy starts making you stressy”) and getting more exercise (“even an activity as simple as walking can help reduce tension”) to trying out a new hobby (“something you enjoy doing as opposed to something you feel you ought to be doing”) and breaking down tasks (“smaller, more manageable, chunks makes it easier to stay focused…without getting too stressed about how much we have to do”), 101 Ways to a Stress-Free Life may not eliminate all your problems…but it will help you relax, recharge, and refocus on what's most important. (KG)
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