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Through a Glass, Darkly

Helen McCloy
# UM5142 Paperback, 224 pages; 2012 (1949)
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Gisela von Hohenems is dismayed when her colleague Faustina is abruptly dismissed from her teaching position after just five weeks at Brereton, an exclusive girls' school in upstate New York. Faustina seems so timid and mild, yet many of the staffand students are positively terrified of her, convinced she has something to do with some strange happenings around campus. So Gisela enlists her fiancé, famous psychologist/detective Dr. Basil Willing, to help the forlorn young woman out. Basil discovers that similar rumors of logic-defying phenomena surrounded Faustina at her previous school…and then a suspicious death on the Brereton campus seems to lead back to the former teacher, despite the fact that she was miles away! Could there truly be something supernaturally sinister about poor Faustina? An overlooked crime classic originally published in 1949, Through a Glass, Darkly presents an eerily suspenseful and deliciously baffling puzzle set in the posh, gossip-filled halls of an elite boarding school. (AG)
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