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The Middlepause: On Life After Youth

Marina Benjamin
# UM4822 Paperback, 193 pages; 2016
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…it strikes me that the positive-thinking and self-actualization movement of the past few decades has had such enormous influence on our self-understanding that plenty of writers who ought to know better have succumbed regardless to its easy certainties, its unwillingness to face up to pain, doubt, guilt, fear, or regret, and its damnable good cheer.
A clear-eyed guide to postmenopausal womanhood, this beautifully composed memoir shares Marina Benjamin's erudite and unsentimental approach to middle age. Drawing insight from philosophy, literature (with special focus on the life and writing of Colette), and science, The Middlepause never sugarcoats the subject of aging, making it uniquely inspiring for thoughtful readers interested in the profound complexities of "life after youth." (CH)
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