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The Garden Visitor's Companion

Louisa Jones
# UM3832 Hardcover, 256 pages; 2009
Currently Unavailable
If you never miss a season at your local botanical gardens or are making your first foray into the wonderful world of perfectly pruned hedges and carefully curated flora, let The Garden Visitor's Companion enhance your experience! With beautiful, full-color photos and suggestions from the experts, this gorgeous text will teach you how to view, appreciate, and gain a deeper understanding of a variety of botanical gardens, including relaxing Mediterranean- and Japanese-inspired landscapes, cozy cottage gardens, and modern conceptualist gardens. You'll also find advice on what to bring, who to visit with, how to time the perfect visit, common garden courtesy, and even tips for those looking to open their own gardens to the public for the first time. Small enough (9½"x6¾") to slip into a satchel, it makes the perfect accessory for a day out among the greenery! (SM)
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