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Peregrine Spring

Nancy Cowan
# UM2942 Hardcover, 265 pages; 2016
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If you've ever stared into the sky on a brisk fall day and watched a hawk wheeling across the blue, this book will instantly grab your attention. Nancy Cowan and her husband, Jim, had been animal-lovers their whole lives, but he was nearing forty when he decided to explore falconry. As a Christmas present, she promised to help him get it added to their state hunting laws. As she learned about the sport to keep up her end of the bargain, she soon wanted to try her hand at it, too. So began a lifetime love affair with these keen-eyed birds of prey. Follow Nancy on her journey through triumph and heartbreak, and you'll fall in love with these amazing and intelligent creatures - and, the next time you see that familiar silhouette spiraling through the sky, you'll have an appreciation for raptors that you never thought possible. (SM)
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