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On Living

Kerry Egan
# UM2882 Hardcover, 208 pages; 2016
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There is power in being present with people who are dying. There's power in the stories of their lives and the meanings they found in them. Not the power of life and death, but of healing and wholeness. That power isn't just for those who are dying. It's for anyone who wants to listen.

As a hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan sees herself not as a storyteller, but a story holder. She creates a peaceful, loving space in which patients can do "the spiritual work of dying" - contemplate their lives, find meaning, heal their souls. Some stories, Egan tells us, "are meant to be bundled up and locked away in a chaplain's heart, but some are meant to be told." On Living is a profoundly moving collection of those stories that "are meant to be told," offering wisdom, restoration, and grace to those of us with more life to live. (CH)
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