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A Deadly Affection

Cuyler Overholt
# UM2392 Paperback, 448 pages; 2016
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In New York in 1907, female physicians - particularly female psychiatrists - are a rare breed. Nonetheless, Dr. Genevieve Summerford is optimistic about her ability to improve her patients' lives through the evolving science of psychotherapy…so optimistic, she turns down a lucrative hospital position in order to treat working-class women struggling with depression. But when one of her patients is accused of a gruesome murder just hours after her first therapy session, Genna fears she may have unwittingly facilitated the crime. Unable to share her fears with the police but unwilling to let an innocent woman be executed for murder, Genna begins her own investigation, leveraging her medical knowledge and social connections to uncover a secret that could ruin New York's most powerful families. An engaging whodunit with a bright young protagonist, A Deadly Affection kept me up late reading several nights - especially after delivering a surprising plot twist!
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