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The Little Flowers of Saint Francis

Brother Ugolino and edited by Jon M. Sweeney
# UM1272 Paperback, 177 pages; 2016 (2011)
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What makes these stories relevant today is the power with which they grab hold of the reader, sometimes by the fantastic claims they make for the life of St. Francis and his first followers, to change one's life before God. - from the introduction

For nearly seven centuries, Christians have looked to the writings of St. Francis of Assisi for guidance in their faith journeys. Among the most popular and enduring of that holy man's work is The Little Flowers of Saint Francis, a fourteenth-century collection of tales about the early days and followers of the Franciscan movement. This contemporary edition of the iconic volume is composed of fifty-three brief chapters, presented in straightforward, "earthly" language: Some are mini-hagiographies of Francis's brethren, others parable-like accounts of conversions, struggles with temptation, and lessons in humility. Whether you absorb this slender volume in a single sitting or read a story a day as part of your personal devotional, you'll be moved by its "human portrait of the most lovable and intriguing of all the saints." (KG)
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