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Crooked Heart

Lissa Evans
# UM0732 Paperback, 282 pages; 2016 (2015)
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Orphaned at a young age, ten-year-old Noel Bostock has spent most of his life with his eccentric, elderly godmother in London. But after the Blitz begins and tragedy strikes, Noel is forced to evacuate to the English countryside, where he is billeted with Vera "Vee" Sedge, a scrappy widow who doesn't think twice about bending the rules to get by. When Noel catches Vee collecting wartime "donations" under false pretenses, she fears the precocious boy will blow the whistle...until he offers to help her with her con. Noel's book smarts and Vee's street smarts prove to be a winning combination, as the two lonely souls forge an unlikely friendship that just may be the saving grace they both need. An engaging and touching novel set against the backdrop of war, Crooked Heart will definitely warm your heart. (KG)
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