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Eve of a Hundred Midnights

Bill Lascher
# UM0722 Hardcover, 408 pages; 2016
Currently Unavailable
On December 31, 1941, as the Japanese closed in on Manila, a group of American journalists gathered in a hotel room to make a fateful choice: Stay and surrender to the invading army or flee the city and take their chances on the war-torn roads or in mine-choked waters. Newlywed war correspondents Melville and Annalee Jacoby knew that Mel's recent clashes with Japanese censors and Annalee's work as a speechwriter for China's first lady could cost them their lives. So began a harrowing escape via Corregidor and Bataan, an experience the Jacobys would faithfully chronicle, helping to open the eyes of Americans to the horrors of the war in the Pacific. Journalist Bill Lascher delves deep into the Jacobys' personal records to create a compelling portrait of the courageous young couple: Mel's childhood in Los Angeles, his adventures as a Stanford University exchange student in China, and his dogged endeavor to build a name and a career for himself in East Asia, as well as the brilliant Annalee's trailblazing work as an editor and MGM screenwriter. Theirs is a unique perspective on a historic theater of war - as well as an incredible tale of love, adventure, and derring-do! (KG)
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