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I'll Drink to That

Betty Halbreich with Rebecca Paley
# UL8712 Paperback, 272 pages; 2015 (2014)
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In the simple act of disrobing, a woman bares her soul, and I am there as a witness. Stripped of her clothing, she is very exposed. It is my job to make her comfortable with me and ultimately with herself.

Betty Halbreich reigns as New York's most famous personal shopper, expertly dressing generations of well-heeled women and celebrities during her four-decade career at Bergdorf Goodman. Her keen eye and her unwillingness to suffer fools (or foolish fashion trends) have endeared her to countless clients - whom she has dressed and counseled through marriage, pregnancy, job changes, divorce, illness, even death - as well as to renowned designers. In this brisk memoir, eighty-six-year-old Halbreich charts the rise of her sartorial star from her childhood in 1930s Chicago, where she grew up the beloved but lonely only child of a department-store president and his stylish wife; through her doomed marriage to a handsome hotelier (complete with two children, a twelve-closet Park Avenue apartment, and an emotional breakdown); and eventually her foray into the retail world. Along the way, Halbreich's sense of style and love for fashion have been her anchor, fortifying her through heartache, self-doubt, and the many seasons of a long life. (KG)

This title is part of our 2017 Life Stories Book a Month package.
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