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Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill

Sonia Purnell
# UL8292 Paperback, 436 pages; 2016 (2015)
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Late in the evening of Monday, June 5, 1944, Clementine Churchill walked past the Royal Marine guards into the Downing Street Map Room wearing an elegant silk housecoat over her nightdress....Then she cast her eyes over the long central table, whose phones never stopped ringing, to the far corner, where, as expected, she spotted her husband, shoulders hunched, face cast in agonized brooding. She went to him as she knew she must, for no one else - no aide, no general, no friend, however loyal - could help him now.

An extraordinary woman, a complicated marriage, and a famous man you may think you know all about - this engrossing biography sheds brilliant new light on all three. The essential roles Clementine Churchill played in her husband Winston's political career and in Britain's efforts in WWII have long been unrecognized...and they're utterly fascinating! Ambitious, opinionated, always stylish, and devoted to her man (to the point of jeopardizing her own children's well-being), Clementine finally gets some well-deserved attention in Sonia Purnell's clear-eyed portrait of this complex woman. (CH)
This title is part of our 2017 Bluestocking Book a Month package.
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