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Great Rivals in History: When Politics Gets Personal

Joseph Cummins
# UL7402 Paperback, 367 pages; 2008
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Alexander the Great once told his rival Darius, King of the Persians, "In the future, let any communication you wish to make with me be addressed to the King of all Asia." King Philip IV of France learned the hard way that Pope Boniface VIII didn't appreciate the king taxing the Church to pay for his wars. Elizabeth I and her cousin, Mary of Scotland, longed to be friends, but the demands of the throne rendered the relationship lethal. During World War II, only their conflict with Germany was greater than the rivalry between U.S. General George Patton and England's Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. These historical heavyweights and sixteen others are the focus of Great Rivals in History, a collection of two dozen fast-paced "prizefights" sure to be relished by the history buff you know! (KG)
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