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The True Tails of Baker and Taylor: The Library Cats Who Left Their Pawprints on a Small Town...and the World

Jan Louch with Lisa Rogak
# UL6872 Hardcover, 274 pages; 2016
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In 1982, librarian Jan Louch and her coworker adopted a pair of cats to be mousers at their small-town Nevada library. They had no idea the adventure that would unfold! From the moment they first set paw in the library, the two Scottish Folds - named Baker and Taylor, after the library's book supplier - were beloved by patrons young and old. From demanding belly rubs at the front door and supervising the circulation desk to stealing cantaloupe at lunch and sitting in on children's story time, Baker and Taylor took their jobs as library cats very seriously, in fact, that they became celebrity "poster cats" for their namesake company's marketing campaign. Soon, the duo's posters were gracing libraries nationwide, spurring a deluge of fan mail, articles, even their own fan club! This charming and tenderhearted memoir will strike a chord with cat-lovers and library devotees alike, a loving tribute to the special magic created when kitties and books come together! (KG)
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