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One Wild Bird at a Time: Portraits of Individual Lives

Bernd Heinrich
# UL6502 Hardcover, 210 pages; 2016
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One of the reasons the world can be exciting and beautiful for us is that perhaps we alone have the capacity to enter vicariously into the worlds of others through knowledge leading to empathy....Each animal gives us a new view, a new experience, that involves stepping out of our own world into another, and it is always an adventure.

Pure joy for nature-lovers, Bernd Heinrich's charming blend of science and memoir invites us to slow down and enjoy the avian world, one winged wonder at a time. From a family of flickers who nested in the wall of Heinrich's Maine cabin (he promptly cut a hole inside his home so he could more closely observe the process!), to a friendly and very vocal barred owl, to a phoebe who lost his mate (and many others)...each bird's story is shared with keen insight and obvious affection. A uniquely fascinating and delightful book for birders! (CH)
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