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No Wind of Blame

Georgette Heyer
# UL6422 Paperback, 364 pages; 2009 (1939)
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When her ne'er-do-well husband, Wally, is shot dead in broad daylight, former chorus girl Ermyntrude Fanshawe finds herself cast in the role of a lifetime. Clad in flowing negligees and liberal applications of rouge, she presides over a motley crew of eccentric characters, any one of whom could have a motive for doing away with Wally. There's Ermyntrude's precocious and dramatic daughter, Wally's sensible and long-suffering ward, a stoic neighbor with obvious affection for the widow, a fawning Russian prince, her husband's shady associate, a stranger with salacious claims about the deceased...Ermyntrude must keep her smelling salts close at hand! This delightful English country house mystery from the great Georgette Heyer was first published in 1939, but it's guaranteed to amuse and entertain modern readers. (AG)
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