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The Natural Heritage of the World

# UL6402 Hardcover, 456 pages; 2016
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UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites includes some of humankind's most spectacular creations, including Chartres Cathedral and the Great Wall of China. But since 1972, the organization also has named 229 national parks and other areas of natural beauty and significance to its list. Now you can explore them all in this gorgeous book...without donning scuba gear, a parachute, or hiking boots! In these pages, you can sail the West Norwegian fjords, swim alongside endangered fish in the lagoons of New Caledonia, gaze upon the snow-covered peaks of Tanzania's Kilimanjaro National Park, and more. Lushly illustrated with incredible photographs, The Natural Heritage of the World pays tribute to the stunning natural beauty and complex ecosystems of our great planet. (KG)
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