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Bletchley Park: The Secret Archives

Sinclair McKay
# UL3322 Hardcover in slipcase, 176 pages; 2016
Currently Unavailable
In 1939, locals in a bucolic town fifty miles north of London were puzzled to see barbed wire and other fortifications erected around Bletchley Park, formerly the country home of stockbroker-turned-MP Sir Herbert Leon. That the estate had been purchased by the government was no secret...but every single other detail of what went on behind its gates was. Decades passed before the full, startling truth was revealed: During World War II, the unassuming manor was the top-secret nerve center for Allied intelligence, where cryptologists, mathematicians, linguists, scientists, and other top minds worked around the clock to crack the German Enigma code...and where modern computing was born. Now history buffs can go behind the scenes at Bletchley with this fascinating "scrapbook," packed with intriguing (and formerly classified) stories, rarely seen photographs, and more than a dozen removable pieces of memorabilia - including facsimiles of the stringent secrecy pledge required of all Bletchley employees, Alan Turing's notes on the Enigma machine, and a decrypted German memo announcing Adolf Hitler's death. You'll be amazed! (KG)
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