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Earthflight: Breathtaking Photographs from a Bird's-Eye View of the World

John Downer
# UL2842 Hardcover, 239 pages; 2011
Currently Unavailable
Experience the perspective of a bald eagle soaring over the Grand Canyon, a common crane flying above tulip fields in the Netherlands, a flock of budgies landing for a drink in the Australian Outback...and many other amazing avian vistas via this big, breathtaking book of photographs. John Downer and his team employed several pioneering camera techniques to create a BBC video series called Earthflight. This impressive book presents hundreds of images from that project, as well as fascinating commentary about capturing the film footage. Earthflight offers a beautifully uplifting tour of the world from a dazzlingly unique viewpoint. It's all rather swoon-worthy, especially for bird-lovers! (CH)
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