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The Fly Trap

Fredrik Sjöberg
# UL1102 Hardcover, 278 pages; 2014
Currently Unavailable
...finally it became obvious that my talents lay with flies. That's a fate that takes some getting used to.

Entomologist Fredrik Sjöberg is a charming hoverfly expert who lives and works on a remote Swedish island. And despite his assertion that "no sensible person is interested in flies," countless readers have found his intellectually elegant, subtly amusing, and wonderfully idiosyncratic memoir to be utterly fascinating. It's not all about flies - though even they prove to be intriguing! Sjöberg's whimsical prose meanders through the history of natural science; highlights the eccentric life of scientist and adventurer René Malaise; and contemplates the virtues and vices of slowness, the upside of limitations, and the beauty to be found in tiny details. Readers seeking an intelligent, meditative escape are sure to be delightfully ensnared by The Fly Trap. (CH)
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