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Judy: The Unforgettable Story of the Dog Who Went to War and Became a True Hero

Damien Lewis
# UL0592 Paperback, 295 pages; 2015 (2014)
Currently Unavailable
An English Pointer bred and born in Shanghai in 1936, Judy was an adventurer from the start: As a puppy, she tunneled out of her kennel and escaped into the city streets, surviving on a blend of luck, good sense, and rare human kindness. So it's no wonder that, when the crew of the HMS Gnat gunboat came ashore in search of a ship's mascot, Judy caught their eye. The resulting story is an astonishing one, of a dog adopted as a pet who would go on to save countless lives and endure terrible hardships, refusing to abandon her British comrades even when they were imprisoned in the living hell of a Japanese POW camp. For her steadfast loyalty and unceasing courage, Judy won the Dickin Medal in 1946...and the undying love of the men whose spirits she lifted during the darkest hours of their lives. (KG)
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