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The First World War in 100 Objects

John Hughes-Wilson with Nigel Steel
# UK8612 Hardcover, 448 pages; 2014
Currently Unavailable
The First World War in 100 Objects brings a very personal history of WWI to life. One hundred objects or artifacts - most of which come from the collections of the Imperial War Museums in the UK - are presented in full-page color photographs, along with the fascinating stories they tell about the people who made or used them and the key events in which they played a part. King George's imperial crown, Archduke Ferdinand's bloodstained tunic, an Italian trench helmet, army rations, a Bolshevik banner, a Hanukkah lamp from Jerusalem, Lawrence of Arabia's rifle, the Red Baron's broken engine, a sketch for the Cenotaph, and so on - these physical objects offer an extraordinary and poignant perspective on one of the most cataclysmic times in human history. (CH)
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