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Cathedrals and Churches of Europe

Barbara Borngässer; photography by Achim Bednorz; edited by Rolf Toman
# UK3792 Hardcover, 400 pages; 2015
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This gorgeous, inspirational tome (measuring a luxurious 14½"x10½"), goes straight to the heart of Europe's sacred architecture, chronicling the beauty and importance of cathedrals and churches throughout the continent. Each marvelous image bears witness to the faith and acumen of the craftsmen who created such miraculous wonders as Freiberg Cathedral's unusual Tulip Pulpit, the elaborate Last Judgment Portal at the Abbey of Ste-Foy, and the stunning dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral in London. This elegant volume also discusses the human stories surrounding the architectural marvels - from stolen holy relics to outspoken monks to the journeys of desperate pilgrims. With astonishing photography, intriguing descriptions, and detailed maps, Cathedrals and Churches of Europe is a fascinating testament to faith and creativity. (MW)
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