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Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle

Mary J. MacLeod
# UK0312 Paperback, 320 pages; 2015 (2013)
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Call the Nurse is the charming memoir of the years Mary J. MacLeod and her family spent living on a remote Hebridean island in the 1970s. Serving as a traveling nurse to the unique characters who lived on the windswept isle, MacLeod developed a deep affection for both the gorgeous natural surroundings and the enchanting people. The anecdotes about her patients (and friends and family) - by turns amusing, heartwarming, and sad - create a vivid picture of rural life and a close-knit community. Call the Nurse - and its newly released sequel Nurse, Come You Here! - are light and uplifting fare for caregivers, Scots, or anyone tired of the hectic pace of modern life. (CH)
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