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World of Horses

photographed by Bob Langrish with text by Jane Holderness-Roddam
# UQ6642 Hardcover, 207 pages; 2018
No Longer Available
Bob Langrish is hailed as one of the world's top equestrian photographers, and his skill and expertise are on full display in this gorgeous pictorial retrospective. From Chincoteague ponies and Spanish Andalusian stallions to endangered Kiger Mustangs and Polish Koniks, many of the horses featured in these images were photographed in the wild, in spectacular habitats around the world. Informative captions include breed history and other trivia about the pictured horses, along with anecdotes from Langrish's often unpredictable photo shoots (wild horses don't take photo direction easily, after all). Horse aficionados and amateur photographers of all ages will love leafing through this beautiful chronicle of "a master photographer's lifelong quest to capture the most magnificent horses in the world." (KG)
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