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The A to Z of Wildlife Watching

Amy-Jane Beer
# UQ5452 Hardcover, 312 pages; 2018
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Zoos have their merits, but to truly experience animals in their natural habitats we must go to them. But where, precisely, does one find aardvarks, babirusas, capybaras, Darwin's finches, echidnas, and 295 more of "the world's most amazing creatures?" In this illuminating photographic "encyclopedia," biologist Amy-Jane Beer plays tour guide, pairing up-closeand-personal photographs with brief expert tips on each animal and where to find them. From Italy's Gran Paradiso National Park (the Alpine ibex) and Mongolia's Great Gobi Reserve (the Bactrian camel) to Nova Scotia (the woodchuck) and Namibia's Etosha National Park (the zebra), intrepid globetrotters—and curious armchair travelers—will thrill to experience the wonders of the animal world! (KG)
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