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An Invitation to Dream

# UQ5962 Hardcover, 160 pages; 2018
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Home is behind, the world ahead,
and there are many paths to tread
through shadows to the edge of night,
until the stars are all alight.
—J. R. R. Tolkien

Readers know that our dreams can be filled with random details from the books we're reading right before dropping off to sleep. Why not "prime" your nocturnal noddings with this collection of literary quotations, "a bedtime companion to fill your sleep with wonder"? L. Frank Baum, Jhumpa Lahiri, Marcel Proust, C. S. Lewis, Hans Christian Andersen, Roald Dahl, and Frances Hodgson Burnett are just a handful of the featured writers, whose thoughtful and evocative words lend themselves to rich dreams. And the accompanying photographs—of blooming flowers, misty rivers, shimmering oceans, star-spangled skies, and more—will animate your unconscious. Sweet dreams! (KG)
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