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Spotting Books - Where Did They Go?

# UM1832 Hardcovers, 32 pages; 2014-2015
Currently Unavailable
Children learn a love of reading at a young age, and there's no better way to nurture that love than by reading with them! Our Spotting Books are perfect for those young pre-readers and beginning readers alike - the bright, eye-catching illustrations and rhyming clues make these books an interactive experience, keeping children engaged as they search for a matching pair of butterflies, a shy turtle hiding its head, or a bison tucked behind a tree. The perfect length for an afternoon break or bedtime story, these books will become instant favorites for both kids and parents (or grandparents) alike! For ages 2 to 5. Choose from The Odd One Out, Where's the Pair or Where Did They Go?. (SM)
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