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Michelangelo: A Life in Six Masterpieces

Miles J. Unger
# UK4772 Paperback, 432 pages; 2015 (2014)
No Longer Available
As he often reminded those who were inclined to look down on his profession, he was no simple-minded artisan churning out formulaic altarpieces but an artist of titanic ambition, a philosopher in marble, a rhapsodist in pigment, a conjurer of celestial visions and plumber of infernal depths.

Reinventing what it meant to be an "artist," Michelangelo was a staggeringly talented and complex individual. Using six of the brilliant artist's masterworks - from the Pietà (1498-99) to the dome of St. Peter's (1547-64) - as guideposts for chronicling his life, Miles Unger compellingly illuminates Michelangelo's passionate nature, fraught relationships, and inner struggles. Seamlessly interwoven excerpts from contemporary letters, contracts, and other documents (including Michelangelo's own poetry) help create an incredibly realistic sense of time, place, and personality. This fascinating book includes black-and-white (and some color) pictures of much of the discussed work, as well as a brief guide to viewing Michelangelo's art in Florence and Rome. (CPK)

This title is part of our 2016 Life Stories Book a Month package.
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