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Agent Sonya

by Ben Macintyre
# UV2762 Paperback, 432 pages; 2021
No Longer Available
From 1930 to 1953, Agent Sonya was the Soviet code name for the sharp-witted, courageous, and otherwise unassuming Ursula Kuczynski. Born a German Jew in 1907 Berlin, Ursula belonged to a family of leftist intellectual socialites. Macintyre weaves an enthralling account of Ursula's ascent into communist espionage, following her brief stint in New York, her induction into the Red Army intelligence service as she rooted her family in Shanghai, and, as her status within the service grew, to Poland, Switzerland, and England. From her humble beginnings as a class traitor to a highranking official for the Red Army, Ursula's dedication to the revolution, both homegrown and globally, never wavered, even at the expense of her personal life. This true story is brimming with excitement, danger, romance, and heartbreak. It is wholly unforgettable. (RR)
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